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2019 was a pivotal year for me. I grew more in that year than I had over the past ten years. Thanks to my mum and books by several talented Black women I became comfortable saying "no" and instead put my happiness first. Whilst this resulted in some relationships naturally dismantling, I met new people that contributed greatly to my success and other relationships were rejuvenated and strengthened.

“Ile là bò simi oko" is a Yoruba proverb meaning “after a hard days work home is where you come to relax”.


After moving out from home for the first time, the new place didn’t quite feel like ‘home’. Although I had essentially remodelled my room in a different space, my parents weren’t there, nor was the smell of ogbono cooking or the morning wakeup call from my dad playing Omo Whytes remixes on the sound system. That is home for me but unfortunately that cannot be packed in a suitcase.


Due to Covid-19, for the first time ever I was unable to celebrate Eid with my mum. To compensate she wore my favourite Iro and Buba whilst my dad wore a complimenting Agbada and we all danced whilst I photographed my parents via FaceTime in my new room alongside the keepsakes that have been keeping me sane during this unsettling time. 

What started as a portrait session has developed into an ongoing series as a way to reconnect with family whilst waiting for the pandemic to come to an end...

 Lagos Photo Festival, Home Museum (online and Institut Français du Nigéria, Abuja), Gucci x HOME by Ronan Mckenzie and Tate Britain. 

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